”Rakaposhi is the only mountain in the world which rises straight from beautifully cultivated fields to the height of 25,550 feet. From many places, this wonderful spectacle can be viewed right from the base to the top.”

The Land of Just Enough.

S. Shahid Hamid.

When you least expected anything beautiful to happen to you and it emerges out from scrap your excitement becomes million times then it should normally be.

Exactly what happened to us that day, we started for Hunza, expecting almost nothing in between, as the trip was less than a couple of hours. Hey, nothing as in, the view was overwhelming and lovely but not totally unexpected.

After we drove for about an hour or so there came a large stream up from the top of the mountain. Nothing new right, but the view, was unbelievable. One could see wonderful Rakaposhi from there. Overall the site was incredible too, the stream had a tea stall with lovely sittings on its left and a considerably large place to its right for the tourist attraction with jewelry, Coffee and snack shop plus swings and stuff right beside the very furiously flowing stream.

“Wow isn’t it amazing,” said Omaina the moment we stepped out of the bus.

“Let’s stay here for a while, I wanted you guys to taste Hunza’s special dish, it’s a kind of localized pizza. I loved it back then,” Bhaiya said excitedly.

“Take good care of the kids the water is harsh here. Don’t go anywhere near that stream. You hear me Ali and Zunaira,” disciplined my husband.

“I’ve ordered for the dish. They said it’ll take fifteen to twenty minutes. Just be back here till then,” Bhaiya said to everyone as he came out from the food stall.

“Let’s go to the bridge I want to take pictures.,” I suggested to my husband.


We walked towards the bridge over the stream. The weather was perfect, the sky was covered with clouds, it was lightly drizzling, not too chilly and surely not at all hot. The sound of water flowing down was making the scenery more extraordinary.

“How beautiful, the plantations around this place. See those cute little flowers there,” pointed Omaina.

“Can’t we go there,” alluded Omama.

“No I think we should wait here for our order,” said Baji.

“Let’s take pictures here then,” suggested Taymia.

As soon as our photo session ended Bhaiya came up on the bridge with the platter.

“Wow, this is awesome. Hot and crispy,” I took my first bite, it was a round covered pizza what looked like toasted roti. The filling was made of chopped tendered beef with the sauce not very spicy though.

“Let’s go there now,” begged Omama.


We marched across the bridge towards the stream, it looked fascinating.

“Wow look there’s a jewelry shop here,” hooted omaina.

“Your eyes can only see jewellery right, although this shop appears to have lot more things dear,” I smirked.

“Baji and Shahid bhai are up there by the river they are calling everyone to have a family photo session, everyone please join them,” requested Emad.

“Oh my, can we go that near, it’s dangerous too, isn’t it?” I inquired.

“We’ll be fine. Take care of the kids though,” answered my husband.

It was a large rock just by the furiously flowing water. Apa’s family settled on it, all eight of them barely managed on that thing. One by one we finished the sessions came back to the sitting area beside the shop.

“I think we should order for tea and coffee,” Obaid bhai proposed.

“That would be great Cuz everyone’s a little chilled now,” affirmed Api.

“We should go pray Asarana meanwhile,” Apa got up and headed towards the shop to ask them if there was a place for prayer for ladies. She came back with an answer.

“We can pray in the dining hall above the shop. I’m going to make wadu here,” she pointed out to the single sink standing at the corner. Soon there was a line by the sink. We all performed wadu, offered prayers one by one and then went back downstairs to have tea.

While we were busy preparing for the prayers, kids started riding on the antelope. I’m not joking honestly, they were riding on it. Except it was a statue. Bouncing up and down on it.

Nehdia was even calling it a unicorn.

“Look there is a unicorn,” She was saying repeatedly, maybe imagining it to be from Fairytale cartoons she’s obsessed with.

“I think we should let kids have tea too, they’ll warm up a little,” suggested Api.

“I want coffee,” said Ashhad excitedly.

“I want one too,” added Mohammed.

“Okay okay wait till our order comes here,” said Bhabi.

“Let’s go into the shop,” Omaina dragged Ashhad with her. They went in and started exploring the stuff. Seriously they were mad enough to try all the things displayed in the shop, also take photographs and most importantly the shopkeeper let them do it.

While they were playing around in the shop we had our precious tea and amazing coffee.

“Where’s my cup, don’t there’s nothing left for me,” said Omaina.

“First come first dear, were you sleeping all this time,” I smirked.

“We were in the shop, why didn’t you guys called us,” Omaina groaned.

“Stop all this barking, your tea’s here in this pot. I don’t know if it’s still hot though,” Api almost yelled at her.

“Where did you get this juice from,” I asked.

Zunaira when I saw her with a juice box.

‘”Khalo Baba gave me this,” Zunaira replied.

“Is he ever going to get out of that snack shop,” I said with a grin on my face.

“I don’t really know, Hashir started it and now every single kid is after him,” Apa sighed.

“He’s always spoiling the little ones though every kid loves his ways, one of the reason Obaid bhai’s popular among children,” I added.

“You know there should always be an uncle to spoil little brats, it’s good for them,” said Bhaiya.

“I don’t mind but at least he should stop after one round. I should probably go and check on him or else there’ll be a second and third round of snacks,” Implied Apa.

“Totally,” I agreed.

This whole expedition lasted not more than an hour. The series of events happened in it were so many that I’m having a blast of problems to accommodate every little detail. All of us were so energetic and fresh. Taking pictures of the stream, the fruits. Did I mention there were apple trees and grapevines too plus with many types of flowers? Some of us busy buying stuff in the shop or I should say Taymia was busy buying the wonderful long necklace made from stones. When I went back to our coaster, I was surprised to see Baji and company waiting for us.

“O, since when did you guys come back, I thought I was the first one to enter the bus,” I puzzled out.

“What were you guys doing? We’ve been waiting here for ages,” inquired Baji.

“We were having tea session at the Tea stall,” I informed.

“Oh, we thought you’d just come back from the stream after prayer, so we hopped in,” explained Baji.

It was nearly four o’clock when we started moving towards Hunza again.

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