First Night At Hunza- Karachi to Khunjerave Pass.

“We have to walk to the guest house from here, just leave your things. Yaseen sahab will bring the coaster to the porch,” Bhaiya announced and everyone moved out. It was almost sunset when we reached Hunza. On our way to Hunza, we had stopped quite a few times on the police check post, as they required us to fill the form and show our ID, my husband took Ali quite a few times and had a photo session with the Rangers and the policemen there.

“Wow, this is amazing we get to stay right in the market, how lovely,” said Omaina.

“Ya, right you don’t have to beg anyone to take you to a shop now, you can do it by yourself,” I smirked.

“Ania this is a serious matter, we are here to shop,” grinned Omaina with a serious look on her face. We ambled up the path to our guest house which was single track paved with red bricks. Both sides were enriched with shops for tourist attraction. Containing different kinds of stuff like jewellery together with handmade bags, hats and even shoes with very fine embroidered panels on them.

Ermoigawwwwwd, this is amazing,” Taymia jumped in high spirit, as soon as we reached the gate of our guest house.

It had a big patio that permits guests to have a panoramic and an unobstructed view of the mountains. There were fruit trees too. Apples and apricots. Also grapevines. Amazing scenery.



“Oh my God. This is our room we’re going to take it,” I said the moment opened its door.

“Yes totally. Put your stuff here already. We’re not giving it to anyone,” confirmed my husband.

“Oh, no that’s not happening this is ours,” said Taymia.

“Dear this room has four bed not enough for your family,” I shouted.

“We’ll Squeeze in don’t you worry.”

“Oh my, oh my, this room, the windows they are perfect,” said Baji as she peeked in.

“Yes, yes and it’s ours too,” I smirked

“Well, not that easy.”

Literally, every single one of us was shouting and fighting over the rooms. Api and Bhaiya were fighting for the two bed’s room. Taymia’s family and I were fighting in the four and six bedrooms. Baji had to take the only three-bedroom, so she stood there listening to others.

“This rooms better, that room is better, We’ll take this one.”

These were the phases echoing all over the place. The one and tin only person not taking part in all these fightings was Emad.

He just took one of the four beds in the window room. Yes, I’ll call it the window room.

“I’ll take this bed whoever’s taking this room I’ll be with them,” Emad said like a done deal. He just left his bag there and started unloading the coaster with the driver.

“It appears that the one with six beds is for Apa’s family as they are the biggest. The one with four beds is for Tanzeela’s family and Emad will stay with them. The very important question is, who will take which room in these two-bed ones Right?” Bhaiya announced.

“I think you should vote for that,” Baji suggested.

“Sure, you do that, then again I’m going to take this one,” Api pointed out to one of the rooms with two beds.

“Look at the manager’s face,” Taymia whispered into my ears and turned my attention to the manager standing by his room Silently observing our chaos. Literally, his face was like he was encountering ghosts. Eyes wide open together with his mouth. Then he signalled Bhaiya that he wanted to talk to him. They talked in the corner for five whole minutes Bhaiya came back to us.

“Oh please lower your voices a little they’re having a heart attack there, the manager is saying these whooping and bouncing are not allowed in the lobby this is a public place. You can continue all that in your rooms.”

“But there are only five rooms here and we’ve taken all of them no public to get disturbed, right?” inquired Omama.

“Yes, I know I told him that still, he’s requesting us to calm down.”

Silence followed for about ten or fifteen seconds. Then we were whooping around again in a considerably faint voice. Honestly, we did lower our voices. Well, maybe I’m being a little bias here. You should probably ask the manager himself. Which you can’t, so yes, we tried our best but our family is in embraced with high pitch. it’s in our guts we can’t control it.

Little drops of rain started to fall by the time of sunset. The sky became red and purple. Beams of yellow light was fading into the clouds. Along with the gigantic snow covered mountains. Most of all, all this was filtered through the bright fresh leaves of the apple tree and the grapevines together with Lash green grass.

We offered our prayers settled our luggage into our rooms. Kids began to watch TV shows. Girls in one room boys in the other and most important group was the one watching Pakistan’s cricket match which was broadcasting on TV live from Dubai that group comprised of our dearly husbands and little Bro.

Eating the snacks from the snack box which was still half full. Bhaiya opened a new box full of slanty’s (potato sticks) which all of us enjoys a lot. We the Sisters including dear Bhabhi settled in Bhabi’s room watching TV more over gossiping on different stuff.

“Have look at our shopping today,” Baji said while taking out the shopping bags filled with jewellery from her purse.

“You went to the market already?” I asked.

“Yes, and I’ve done all the shopping I needed for the gifts and stuff,” Baji replied and showed us the rings for her Shahid bhai’s sisters, a shawl for our mother and a stone covered walking stick for baba. Did I ever tell you that my parents were out of the country those days visiting my lovely sister living in America? So, we all bought beautiful gifts for them too. Though we missed baba a lot. He’s always the one telling historic information plus geographic and geological significance of the places we visited and Amma has her own place in our family bring the centre of the pack.

“Seriously all of it?” I was surprised by her statement.

“I went with her along with Manahil and Apa (Taymia ). Ania the shops are awesome. Stone jewellery and stuff,” said Omaina excitedly.

“That’s good. You’re not done with the shopping like Baji, are you?” I inquired.

“Done? I’ve barely started it. It was just a window visit,” Omaina was not at all joking there. She did go to the market with each and every group the rest of our stay there.

Let me tell you one thing, as you all probably know that every big family like us have a different kind of persons with a different kind of job assigned automatically to them. Jobs like cooking, organizing, managing and most importantly cleaning. Baji Jan’s the one who’s job always is and always will be to clean or to let us clean. You know like reminding everyone, every now and then to pick up their wrappers and stuff. The place needed to be cleaned, so that day she took the duty to keep the place nice and clean. Always ordering everyone or rather requesting very nicely (or else she’ll kill me) to keep their room and the lobby as clean as we can. Honestly speaking this was important at Hunza, as the people there, were very sensitive and desperate in keeping their place clean and quiet.

Obaid bhai also went to the market taking the little ones with him, it was almost eleven o’clock when he returned. The rest of us were so much tired that we retired to bed.

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  • Yay! You’re back! So glad to see your entry today and catch up on the next “episode” of your family’s travels. I was surprised to see I missed an earlier entry so I got two stories for the price of one.
    Hope you and your family are well!

    • Oh, thank you Todd, this is so nice to see someone following up my writings and Sorry that I lost track of uploading these episodes will surely keep the rest coming Soon. Thank you again.

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