The Return I would Never Regret!

When we reached Pamir guest house. I was like a dead person. Coming down the hilly path seemed easy when I was actually doing it but at the end, it became more tiring then climbing up because we didn’t even take a single stop. We were so much exhausted that we practically ran down the path. By this we, I meant only me and my family. Rest of them came long after us.

‘Oh, Ania you should’ve stopped with us. We had the most exclusive barry juice, you know that wooden carved arch that had orange flowered on it. It was the opening to a restaurant and before we even ordered our juice, the owner offered us a basket of amazing barry too for free could you imagine. Also, I talked to that old lady who was making those beautiful embroideries up there.’ Taymia almost bounced up and down with enjoyment the moment she saw me.

‘Oh, that was bad, I was so tired I never stopped until I reached this bed dear.’ I said while making space for her.

‘Not at all? That’s insane.’ astounded Taymia replied.

‘Oh, you should’ve called us too I just went to bed for a little nap. I needed to visit it.’ Api said with disappointment.

‘Ah, I didn’t know that. Besides you could visit tomorrow maybe.’

‘Yes, we’ll try our best.’

‘What’s for dinner today, are they actually getting chicken for the barbecue?’ I inquired.

‘Yes, Yaseen sahab has found the place and he’s bringing them here soon enough.’

‘That’ll be fun. Although we are so tired.’ Taymia took a seat by my bed.

‘Barbecuing always gives me energy.’ I added.

‘Meanwhile, he’s bringing it here I wanted to go shopping so who’s coming with me. I would love a second opinion,’ Api said still standing at the door.

‘I would love to when are you leaving?’ I asked.

‘Well, actually I have to change Nehdia’s dress. Then I’ll be going say just after Magrib.’

‘Okay by then I’ll stretch my legs and I’ll definitely go.’


This stretching my legs didn’t go the way I planned to, because whenever I tried one of my four kids would come and bounce over me asking for different things like I’m hungry need sandwich or even I Wanna go popo.

‘Let’s go Tanno.’ Api peeked into my room and said, ‘I’ve talked to Apa she said she’s okay with it. She’ll let the chicken washed and be marinated by then.’

‘Okay, I’ll be there.’

So, we started our exploration with the shop right by our guest house door.

‘Look Tanno this one’s beautiful… This one is more unique.’ Were the phrases echoed around me and we had the most exclusive time shopping.

‘I need to buy a necklace with earnings I bought from Altit Fort. They are emeralds so maybe something near to that Cuz a necklace full of emeralds would be more than I could afford,’ I whispered to Api when we were waiting for the shopkeeper.

‘Okay let’s see I think jade is little less expensive than emeralds and they look like emeralds though. You should ask for it.’

The search for the necklace didn’t end until the last shop. Api had bought the things she aimed for mostly gifts for her in-laws and it was almost eleven o’clock when I finally found something that went well with the earnings. They were multi-colour stones yet to be finished as a necklace.

When we were halfway down to our guest house, I became unsure whether they go with the earnings or not.

‘Api I think I should go back change this one there are more Brownstones in them. I’ll request him to give green stones more so that they’ll dominate in the necklace. What do you say?’

‘Okay if you say so then let’s go back, the shops are almost closing.’

When we went back to the shop the person we bought those stones from was not there. There was someone else and when I showed him the stones, his eyes widened and he hesitated to ask the question.

‘Madam, how many rupees did you pay to buy these stones?’

‘Four hundred rupees,’ I replied, my answer made him jump from his position and he started shivering.

‘This is my shop and the man who sold you these stones was my friend, he didn’t know what it’s really worth.’

‘Okay so how much we’ll see if we can manage,’ Api said with astonishment.

‘Well, Ma’am it’s about eight thousand rupees,’ He said with anxiety.

‘I think I should thank you for coming back. You have saved me from a big loss.’ he added with half a smile and we were looking at each other, dumbstruck from the discovery.

‘Gosh, I’ve selected these stones after such a great search. What would I do now? I can’t pay you all that,’ I muttered.

‘Ma’am, I’ll search for some other stuff that will fulfil your requirements.’ With that he started searching for one.

Honestly speaking I wasn’t at all sorry for coming back, provided that the way he reacted, never made me think twice about what happened that day. I never regretted going back because Allah always knows what’s best for us and that day I was tested and rewarded as well.

‘How about this one. It’s jade and it’ll match your earnings more than these.’ The necklace he came up with was the one I wanted to buy, but it was out of my range before. I opened my mouth to say that I can’t pay that when he added.

‘It’s worth more than you paid but I’ll give you this in four hundred.’ he was smiling a huge grin and I looked towards Api and she said, ‘Are you sure?’

‘Yes, Ma’am you saved me a lot more than it’s worth. So yeah. I don’t want you to go empty-handed,’ he said, packed the necklace and handed it to me.

‘Off, that was an episode.’ Api and I were laughing hard at each other walking down the path.

‘At least, I got what I wanted from the beginning.’

‘Even if we never returned, how would we possibly know that those stones worth that much.’ Api smirked.

‘That’s the funniest thing you know.’ I said as we entered the premises of our guest house and found only Apa standing by the BBQ Grill.

‘OH, Fakeeha where were you. The chicken Yaseen sahab brought is so hard, it’s not getting anywhere near to tenderness. I’ve put some of it on the stove. It’s almost done but this grill is not working for the BBQ. I’m tired now I think I’ll go rest you take charge.’ Apa mumbled in one go and ambled towards her room.

‘You guys came back, I just went inside to check upon Manahil, ‘ Said Baji while coming out of her room.

‘Yes, did everyone go to bed already?’

‘Actually, most of us are still waiting in the rooms. Shariq was here with Apa preparing the fire along with Aini (Bhabhi) , it took long enough to start the fire but they went into the room soon after that meanwhile I washed the chicken and prepared marination for it, so it’s pretty much everyone’s job here yet Apa did most of the grilling together with me, this chicken is hard not at all tendering, ‘ Baji explained.

‘You guys had a great time shopping?’ Bhabi peeked from the door.


‘So is some of it done yet? I want some for your brother and did you tried the dish we brought from the market it’s called Dowdo soup, it’s a pasta dish. Have some it’s delicious.’ she went on and handed me the dish.

‘Well you can take this one it’s almost done,’ Api said and handed her a piece.

‘Can I give my husband one from this batch,’ I said and it appeared that day, each and every one of us was more desperate to serve their husband than themselves. All five of us served their husbands and then when it was our time. We were again like dead people walking. We closed everything and without further ado went to bed.

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