Through The Eyes Of A Seventh Grader!

It was 6 o’clock in the evening, my parents went to the grocery store. A windy cold breeze knocked our doors and windows. I was too delighted that my parents left me at home, that too all alone. I will watch my favorite movie, I thought, the moment their car left our driveway. I lay on the couch and started switching the television but minutes later I felt starved. I tried to stand up, but I became stuck in the chains of my laziness then, my mind cooked a delicious idea that I should pick up my hover board and rush to the kitchen.

Whenever I watch movies, I need popcorn like a patient who need medicines. I poured some popcorn in the pot and switched on the stove.

Someone knocked at the door, I wondered maybe that’s my parents but when I went down the stairs. I saw a man with a massive mustache. He was continuously ringing our bell, I became angry or scared, I don’t know for sure as I had never seen him before. He looked like a kidnapper. I carried my hover board and rushed upstairs, tried to call my mother but there were no signals. Suddenly, the signal came back and my mother picked up. She strictly warned me not to open the door. And then, I smelt something burning, “Gosh, my popcorn are on the stove.”

I went to the kitchen, peeked inside the pot and saw a horrible view; my popcorn were fully burned. While throwing all the popcorn I fumed like a lion that becomes angry when someone takes away his food from right in front of his eyes. I picked the pot, went to the balcony and threw it on his head that was when he saw me .I hide behind the balcony’s wall but I heard my parent’s car reaching our driveway. I don’t know if anything could be worst than what happened next.

My father saw his face and he stared right at me like an angry cat. Later I found out that he was his cousin; who came from abroad to meet my father, the problem did not end yet . Father excused him about my mistake and he told me that they will never leave me home alone again. All my free days were over, once and for all.

By: Afifah Shahab – Grade VII

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