Anny’s Adventure in a Derelict House

By Samra Nadir…

It was a perfect morning with cloudy weather, Anny woke up with a sharp sound of her alarm clock feeling irritated. She got up from her bed and opened her curtains, she felt a gust of pleasant wind across her face which made her feel fresh. Anny has always loved windy weather, it was her perfect day to play with her friends Lisa and Aina.
Anny had her breakfast which consisted of cinnamon toast and saffron milk and then she went out to play with her friends. First she met Lisa, they’ve known each other since they were five years old. Lisa is Anny’s neighbour. 
”I heard a weird noise from the house next door” Lisa told Anny in a hushed tone. ”It’s probably your imagination” Anny replied in a cheerful tone. Lisa was about to reply but she was interrupted by an enthusiastic greeting from Aina.
Aina is an year older than Anny and Lisa, she has a slim body with blue eyes and black hair. Whereas, Lisa was on chubbier side with brown eyes and brown hair. Anny has always felt good about her hair color as it was different from her other two friends, Anny has light brown hair with a hint of golden streaks and hazel eyes. 
Three of the friends started playing in their street. Hours have passed and all three of them were enjoying in this cloudy weather. But something changed in the atmosphere as soon as the sun was about to touch the horizon. 
The girls were playing soccer, and Aina hit the ball with all her strength. The ball went towards one of the house. When Anny followed the ball with her gaze, it landed on the porch of the infamous derelict house. The house was situated in the middle of the street, the very next house was of her friend Lisa. But still there was eeriness in the atmosphere of that particular house which sent a shiver down Anny’s spine.
Anny stepped forward to fetch the ball but Lisa grabbed her hand and whispered ”Please be careful Anny, I don’t have a good feeling about this house, I’ve always heard weird noises coming from inside”. Anny took a deep breath and nodded to assure her friend that she was fine, but deep inside there was a lingering fear in the pit of her stomach. ”There’s nothing to be afraid of, it’s just an empty house, hurry up and bring the ball” said Aina in an irritated voice.
Anny took a step towards the derelict house and stopped in front of the gate. Her heart was thumping inside her chest. She pushed open the main gate and went inside. She saw the ball on the front porch and with the hurried steps she ran towards the ball but then a heavy gust of wind swept the ball further inside the house.
She recited her prayers and went inside the house. The house was empty and there was no furniture inside the house, she started searching for her ball. But she sensed that there was someone else with her, ”Anny!” a boy’s voice called. She turned around and saw a boy around her age, probably 10 years old. ”How are you Anny?” The boy asked.

Anny was terrified but she replied ”I am fine, how do you know my name?”.

The boy replied ”I know a lot about you, and I can make you meet your favorite Disney Prince”.
As soon as he said that, the house started to change, bright lights shone from the ceiling and there he was standing in front of Anny, her favorite Prince. Anny was amazed and also terrified for a few second but she was excited to meet him in real life, that her excitement took over her fear. Anny walked towards him and they both started talking. Evening turned to night. Little Anny forgot about her friends standing outside, who went home after waiting for her for two hours and she didn’t came back, she was so mesmerized by her fictionalized reality. 
Night came and Anny was exhausted and yet she was filled with happiness. She fell asleep inside the house and before her eyes closed she saw the Prince smiling at her. She fell asleep with a smile on her face.
Next morning she woke up, the house was back to it’s usual condition, filled with emptiness. She got up, excited to tell her parents about her meeting with her favorite Prince. She stepped outside and saw an ambulance, her parents who were crying and then she saw a site, a site of her body laid on the stretcher, blood coming out of her chest and a smile on her face

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