By Alishba Shahzad Hey, you know, I’ve been reading a book named ‘When’. It’s quite interesting. It’s about understanding and learning the correct timings of everything. According to the book, instead of learning HOW to do things, we should learn WHEN to do things. And, you know, I’m also in love with a quote written […]

Karachi- sandpit! It was the time when we were almost ready to leave the beautiful sea of our coastal city Karachi. Exactly when our things were packed and our kids were all washed up. The sun was about to vanish and had already lost its scorching heat in the process. My brother told me to

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The insecurities,keep me secure,in the position I’ve attained,in my social circles. They are open,unshielded,unprotected, but they’re enclosed,still unshielded.They never can bewhen they mask themselves,on one’s apparrel. Known to few,who distinguish the mask from the true identity. My social circles are small,sufficient to provide coverage,to the insecurities mutating. I’ ve barely got friends,but I’ve got the

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It was inevitable. She had always known that this day was bound to come, but when Sarah’s eyes landed on the figure standing at the doorstep, shock nevertheless consumed her. Barely half a minute ago, she had been more than ready to hit the sack after a tiring day at work. Who knew that the

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I held an atlas in my lapRan my finger across the whole worldAnd whisperedWhere does it hurt?Everywhere everywhereEverywhere. I held it close this timeRan my finger over the bleeding atlasAnd whisperedDoes it heal eventually?Not yet not yet, the scars havent yet healed I shone my torch this timeOver the moaning globeWhispered this timeWhat of your

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