• Unconditional Love
    by Huma Zuellah Ahmed … Unchain meSaid my heart to meUnconditional I amSo let me beLocking me upPutting shackles on meThrowing the keys in the oceanDoesn’t make me be meHow can you, put barbed wires aroundAnd expect me, to be freeHow can you, encage me in yourselfAnd expect me to seeHow can you, contain me in […]
  • Anny’s Adventure in a Derelict House
    By Samra Nadir… It was a perfect morning with cloudy weather, Anny woke up with a sharp sound of her alarm clock feeling irritated. She got up from her bed and opened her curtains, she felt a gust of pleasant wind across her face which made her feel fresh. Anny has always loved windy weather, it […]
  • Rain
    Rain. Whatever it is. It’s just a myth. For we. The Karachiates. Have never seen it. Rained. The way. They say it does. In the west. Yes, sometimes. Some rare times. We do see. Little drops. Washing over the dust. The dust. That layered our trees. Our homes. And. Our hearts.
  • Miracles by Rida Faisal.
    She staggered through the barren field, eyes red and swollen, cheeks stained, from the endless tears she had shed while remembering the seven year old boy she had left back home. Her once long and shiny hair was nothing but a complete mess; her lower lip bled badly, her throat was dry because of the depravity […]
    By Alishba Shahzad Hey, you know, I’ve been reading a book named ‘When’. It’s quite interesting. It’s about understanding and learning the correct timings of everything. According to the book, instead of learning HOW to do things, we should learn WHEN to do things. And, you know, I’m also in love with a quote written in […]
  • HUNGER (Review by Samra Nadir)
    What a wonderful read this book was. The author has such a wonderful way of describing the sceneries and characters that one cannot help but get mesmerized. Each character was beautifully written and the intricate details with which the author has described the beauty of Northern Pakistan and Islam is commendable. I was sucked right into […]
  • JellyFish
    Karachi- sandpit! It was the time when we were almost ready to leave the beautiful sea of our coastal city Karachi. Exactly when our things were packed and our kids were all washed up. The sun was about to vanish and had already lost its scorching heat in the process. My brother told me to […] […]
  • Serenity
    I am a queen, that of beauty manifestIn a land, that stretches far, is full of zestNo death exists in any partNo sorrow can live in any heartThere is green, as far as the eye can lookThere is blue too, like this glazed brookeThe skies are illuminated with His lightSo the dwellers always do that which […]