i wish to livein a yellow houseon an oak treeold and tallproud and wise farfrom the clutterin my mind arethere such homesmay one be mine may i findsolace and peacemidst these loudscreams and shrieksi wish to finda home that’s mine a yellow tree house

seen you in all your gloryeverything seemsdull and deadnow that the colours of the sunsetshave fadedand the sizzling bonfiresthat kept us warmhave disappearedlike your smilesand we’re chilly to our bonesyou float away like driftwoodslowly and peacefullymy tears raise the tidesat middayas you don’t look backwhile i  screamyou are happy on the horizonmoving towards the sunyou

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They turned their backs upon me and discussed the options available. They did not care to talk to me they thought I was not savable.Cause I was mute, I could not move, they thought I was disposable. They thought that they should kill me, I wholly disagreed, But words they had abandoned me, that’s what

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I held an atlas in my lapRan my finger across the whole worldAnd whisperedWhere does it hurt?Everywhere everywhereEverywhere. I held it close this timeRan my finger over the bleeding atlasAnd whisperedDoes it heal eventually?Not yet not yet, the scars havent yet healed I shone my torch this timeOver the moaning globeWhispered this timeWhat of your

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See the nature, in your leisureSee the birds chirping in your heartsLove the nature, see the natureSee the dawn and eat the cornSee the lovely birds flying in the skySee the man cooking and fryingSee the nature, observe it measureDon’t be shy just take it highThank Allah for all thisThe sun, the moon and the

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One could never know. Where it begins. Or. Where it ends. The blue. That goes beyond. Taking in many stories. Taking in many cries. It never complains. Never dies. It’s there. Always. And. Always will be. The Vast.