She sits beside a wallleaningthe wall blank and emptyshe wonders how to be perfecta rose on the other end of the roomslowly bends towards herunnoticedshe does not crythe rose holds no dewit is dryingshe promised she will stayshe will not go missingshe will stay.the wall grows thorns and leavesleaves for how natural it washer Oblivionthorns […]

People will dareTo put you up thereThen throw you downOn the groundWith a thudYou fall like a dead birdThen you cryTill your eyes are dryNow the choice is yoursNot or to enter those open doorsThen when you passAlas!You wonYour job has been doneYou showed your courageLike a pilgrimageThose tears you criedHave all been driedAnd what’s

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O’ thee of Angel blood, In mine heart ye dost reside Betwixt mine highs and midst my lows By my vice and by my woes Therein be dark, therein be cold Therein be horrors yet untold O’ thee of essence pure, Mine heart be not to lure Durst thee dwell in a place too cruel?

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The calm and cool of forests in the rain A steady breeze that awakens the nights Wild streams that bend and curve and twist Sing to me of forbidden delights The breeze whispers secrets to the trees The leaves dance with gentle ecstasy The moon smiles at the nymphs set free To the anarchy woven

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