By Alishba Shahzad Hey, you know, I’ve been reading a book named ‘When’. It’s quite interesting. It’s about understanding and learning the correct timings of everything. According to the book, instead of learning HOW to do things, we should learn WHEN to do things. And, you know, I’m also in love with a quote written

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It was inevitable. She had always known that this day was bound to come, but when Sarah’s eyes landed on the figure standing at the doorstep, shock nevertheless consumed her. Barely half a minute ago, she had been more than ready to hit the sack after a tiring day at work. Who knew that the

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From the Pen of an eleven year old Home-schooled girl! “Rania!” I whipped my head around, and padded down the stairs. “Yes?” “Run and get the milk, will you?” “Alright,” I said, picking up the 100 kyat from on top of the rusty kitchen counter. “What – they’ve raised the price even more!” “I know,”

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