You know, little things really do matter. Especially when your deeds fall under the acts of kindness, compassion and support. In this modern world stacked with daily improving technologies and unfortunately, ripped connections and wretched seams of mental health, these little things hold a lot of importance. And the best thing of it all is […]

His arms were tighter around her. His beard scratched her neck and cheeks. She waited. She waited for a long time for the hug to be over. His breath was hot, quick and desperate. Her tiny body bending to his will. Her fragile ribs almost snapped at the severity of the physical contact. The air

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What wouldn’t I give to walk through that red forest again that looked like Mars and felt like the moon. We stopped by at that dome and your voice echoed through the air. I remember all the flowers. What wouldn’t I give to shop for glasses with you and kiss the little babies who screamed

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