seen you in all your glory
everything seems
dull and dead
now that the colours of the sunsets
have faded
and the sizzling bonfires
that kept us warm
have disappeared
like your smiles
and we’re chilly to our bones
you float away like driftwood
slowly and peacefully
my tears raise the tides
at midday
as you don’t look back
while i 

you are happy on the horizon
moving towards the sun
you will fall
at night
when stars pull you closer
but you will get lost in the day
when you can no longer see the stars
and the sun turns you away
then you will cry
for help and for me
but i will not be
waiting on the shore
for you
to come back and light the bonfires
again at midday
to keep us warm when the stars pull everything
and we are lost
on the shore
while the sea roars
at us to come home

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