FOR OVER TWO Decades Max’s nostril had been taking in the stench that made its way through the large window of his cell. He had been to three prisons until they finally took a halt at this particular one which was different. At first, it felt pleasant; the large spacious cell and the iron bar window; with the natural light coming in. But, then the mere fact that the cell had no means of personal sanitation and that almost all the prisoners threw their litter out from their windows, was enough to remind him his sentence for twenty-five years of a good part of his life. After everything he had done for this world; after all he had been doing to give them what was best, they had only given him the worst, and they had always been this way. All of them; his father and his father’s father and his friends and his friends’ friends. They had always made him walk on thorns.
“You bastard, I told you to throw this away,
and you didn’t listen?” Father grabbed him by his short curls and drag him out of their small apartment’s door. Pointing towards the bag of trash he said, “Pick it up and throw it into the bin.”
“Which bin, we don’t have one.”
“You coward.”
Max only remembered the spanks and kicks after that and after so many other times when he refused to do things that his father wanted him to do. Things such as throwing their trash in front of the neighbour’s door and leaving their dog’s litter across the street.

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