What a wonderful read this book was. The author has such a wonderful way of describing the sceneries and characters that one cannot help but get mesmerized. Each character was beautifully written and the intricate details with which the author has described the beauty of Northern Pakistan and Islam is commendable. I was sucked right into this book from the very first page, this book is a mixture of happiness and sorrow, light and darkness. This book has mystery, suspense and lots of family love one cannot help but smile while reading it. Each and every character felt real. I really loved Adam’s journey to fulfill his spiritual hunger. The character of Maxwell was pure genius. I felt for him, he just needed the right kind of help which sadly, he never got. The way the author has described his past was amazing. And Iman, I could feel her pain, author has described her pain so beautifully and I am so glad that she found her happiness. Even the supporting characters were written really well, so charming and full of life. The pacing of this book was perfect, not slow and not to fast. This book was a beautiful journey and I am so glad that I read it. Hidden gem for sure.

Hunger provides an adventure, a thrilling suspense and lots of hope which will surely leave the readers hungry for more.

Review By Samra Nadir

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