What wouldn’t I give to walk through that red forest again that looked like Mars and felt like the moon. We stopped by at that dome and your voice echoed through the air. I remember all the flowers.

What wouldn’t I give to shop for glasses with you and kiss the little babies who screamed for their mothers and laugh again and run so fast we fall once or twice till we get to that lake and you show me the sky and it’s all purple like your heart.

I saw shooting stars and thought of you because there wasn’t just one. And they all smiled as they dove into the horizon as I chased them. Were you waiting on the other side and did you run after them too.

I heard that she will be loved in the rain and maybe I waited for it to rain again but it didn’t and she wasn’t loved anymore. I know you still memorize the moon. I painted my heart over the craters in a halo and it spread. It spread.

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