Karachi- sandpit!
It was the time when we were almost ready to leave the beautiful sea of our coastal city Karachi. Exactly when our things were packed and our kids were all washed up. The sun was about to vanish and had already lost its scorching heat in the process. My brother told me to take my mobile and follow him along with my niece. We picked some great Jellyfishes big and small. All without tentacles. He dragged me to the right place and handed me one of the jellyfish and said, “hold it up into the air just where you see the sun.”
I did as I was told and he walked around me with an open mobile Camera. And took some of the pictures of life. Life, that is short. Just like the sun dying behind the sky and us finding the right moment and right place and taking the pictures that we’d remember more! Merely for us to remember.

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