My Vibrant Musings


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by Maliha Tahir.

Your 2 PM hollow has a name. That feel, that ache of lost love is a universal mourning. The gnawing cradle of loneliness eats others too. And those voices echo in your ears only after they travel through a thousand others. The doom dawns on so many like you and all of you hide it in corners of colorless forced smiles. You’re not alone. You’re not forgotten. You’re alive, in me. In my art. In my words. In this book. It’s a diary you forgot to write. It’s about you. And me. And all of us. It’s the kind of book they should serve with tea. One page per sip. One picture per breath. It’s a template of expression. A mould of buried ‘could have beens’. It won’t unsettle you, it’ll calm you. To the realization that togetherness never had more meaning than in times of cracking hearts. This book with its cover and all the illustrations, painted by the author herself, is all about unbrushed thoughts and your tangles will find a home in it.

4 by 5 size, a full coloured book inside.


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