I am a queen, that of beauty manifest
In a land, that stretches far, is full of zest
No death exists in any part
No sorrow can live in any heart
There is green, as far as the eye can look
There is blue too, like this glazed brooke
The skies are illuminated with His light
So the dwellers always do that which is right
No breathe is void of exhilarating aromas
Of spicy smells of herbs and flowers
No eye is deprived of dreamy hues
Of love, of life of blithesome blues
No heart is empty of everlasting serenity
No soul exempt from living in eternity
No rejected satan can find its way here
No misery or woe, no hatred, or fear
In our midst is also the most luminous face
And yes, there is no superior or inferior race
Our guide on earth, our leader here too
The Prophet we all love, loves us too
We are never tired of singing praises
Of the One who has bestowed light upon our faces
The tongue is addicted to tangy flavours
Of both the sweet fruit and the sweet word
Every girl here has a beauty that was unknown on the earth
Every man is full of youth and strength of great worth
No tear has fallen from any sad eye
No blessed ear has heard a single dark lie
We are thankful to the Lord for showing us the light
For the greatest single happiness is Him being pleased with us

By Esha Radia Khan

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