The Central Metaphor

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A Poetry Book

By Moatter Khalid.

About the Author

When I made all my fears sleep under the thick shade of chaos and made my desperate longings to drown in the sea of my eyes, then I learnt how to write” Moattar Khalid is a poet, writer, content writer, graphics designer. She loves to write in English and Urdu as well. Being a firm believer that poetry has its own language from the hand of the poet to the heart of readers she is an old soul who accidentally explored that yeah! I can express through words. To her, writing is giving the thread of kite of your soul in the hands of your heart. She writes basically on love and loss with touch of occasional melancholy. She is an author to an EBook Flame in dark. She has also contributed to international anthologies Dreamers never die and The Inked Gems.


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