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Marium Wants To Be A Princess By Tayyaba Amir

Marium adores princesses and she wants to become one. Her mother has an idea.
After becoming a princess, Marium realises something…

A touching story, dedicated to all the daughters in the world.


A full coloured 32 pages book!


Nail The Snail By Zunaira Maryum.

Nail learns his lesson that he shouldn’t leave home without his Maa (a ten-year-old Pet Parent).

Fun-Filled Activities Inside.

A Complete Art Card Book!

Easy to Use For Your Little Ones.

Best For ReadAloud.

Best For beginners.

Reading level: Kindergarten and above.

About the Author:

Zunaira Maryum is a ten-year-old girl, who loves drawing and making up stories and is already an author just like her mother. She wishes to inspire other young kids to pursue their passions right away instead of waiting to be adults.



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