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Adam Lyons is a successful New Yorker who never knew his mother except that her life ended moments before his began. An unexpected letter from his Pakistani grandmother sends him on a quest he doesn’t know he needs, on a path towards satisfying his spiritual hunger.

Iman, who lives on the other side of east river, can never predict the turns her life takes. In her search for peace, she must submit to a fate she is desperate to escape.

Max has his own plans. His entire life, he has been waiting to give them what they deserve rather than what they desire. He did it before. Now, he has to end things once and for all. His problem? He has to survive two life sentences to fulfil his hunger.

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Thazbook’s Anthology Journal provides your tween (9-14-year olds) a creative outlet. It is a blend of both a journal and an anthology. Where we give our respected readers lessons to learn creative writing along with a treasure trove of inspirational stories written by international authors. TAJ believes in fostering the young ones to enhance their ability to write by providing them with activities and writing prompts to pour out their version.






That Summer my parents took me to our farms not only to visit but to stay there forever! For me, it was a nightmare. A disaster. Since then, I had been cursing them. Disobeying them. Not at all aware of the thrilling events that awaited me and the people I had met who had changed my life once and for all. Hey, I am Sumra and I was sixteen years old then. This is my story where I travelled beyond your imaginations and learned lessons beyond mine.



Living down in the valley with infected plants and waiting for her brothers to bring back food from up the cliff, has always made Ayman anxious. Her urge to go up there deepened when her brothers’ disappeared. Desperate to explore the world above and to look for her brothers, she sets up to the unknown world, the one they call the Metazorric Dimension.

Entombed Silence Volume II

The second book in the “Entombed Silence” series, is a short insight into the life of people; the society so often alienates.Written especially to highlight the importance of Mental Health, this book is a message to all of the shattered souls that somewhere, someone knows; what they are going through, how grave it is, what they feel, what they think of, and how they live through it all.The last three chapters are especially to give hope to the hopeless, that no matter how difficult it seems to be, they are and have always been capable of breaking through.

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Discover The Healer Within

Are we being misled into thinking that humans are confined to a three-dimensional experience of a three-dimensional reality through the five senses alone? It’s time to re-evaluate our beliefs and embrace the potential nature of a human being as multi dimensional and multi sensory, having an innate ability to self heal and self regulate. Cruise through the realm of Energy Healing, discover the incredible mind body connection and the power of love. This book takes you on a wondrous journey of awakening to possibility and potential. A change of perspective that makes us look squarely at what we have been taught to perceive, raised to believe and conditioned to think.
The ability to overcome and transcend our limitations lies within us. This book is for skeptics and seekers alike. For the rational and the intuitive minds. For the practitioners of alternative healing modalities and the ones on the path of self healing.
The contents of the book?
* Read my personal little stories that lead me to continue experimenting with energy and self healing.
* A chapter on the emerging Science that is increasingly favoring energy healing.
* Learn about the palpable nature of energy and how to interact with it.
* Dive into the mind body connection .
* By the end of this book, you will be most likely ready to embark on the journey to heal from emotional, psychological and physical limitations.
* Learn the mechanics of energy healing and a step by step guide to feel the human energy field and interact with it in a way that brings about healing as well as serves as a preventive model of medicine.

My Annoying Mom

Tayyaba Amir

Shoaib wants to do much in life and the only thing he does to pursue his goals is… Dreaming. One of the big hurdle in his life is an authoritarian woman, that he called his mother. To live with her under her command becomes more challenging day by day for Shoaib. Tension runs high between them and their tempers flare as the two can hardly stand under one roof together. Will Shoaib find the lost love for her in his heart again?

Maybe or maybe not…


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