The Seventh Grader Writes Again!

Oh! My feet hurt, hello, I am a mango tree, everyone’s favorite and a huge shady tree. In the daylight, lots of people rests under my shadow. I live in a village of Pakistan, a small village. but I am happy, being the only one in this village, who is shady and huge. People love me a lot. Everybody who came to this village once have tasted my mangoes and felt my cool shade. But one day, a woodcutter came to me, with a big axe from the city. I became scared. It was a hot evening and nobody was around me, maybe everybody was busy in their work. I started crying but how could someone listen. Even my friend forgot me. When the woodcutter came near me. A boy reached him and asked, “What are you doing?”

“I am here to cut this tree I am ordered to cut it,” the wood cutter said .

The boy share his and the village people’s feeling with him and my heart beat became normal , after listening to the boy the woodcutter realized and left me . I kept on crying that I gave people a lot of advantages as a gift and they cut me just for their needs , is that fair?

I have feeling,.


Do they know?

Written By : Afifah Shahab.