They turned their backs upon me and discussed the options available.

They did not care to talk to me they thought I was not savable.Cause I was mute, I could not move, they thought I was disposable.

They thought that they should kill me, I wholly disagreed,

But words they had abandoned me, that’s what had God decreed, And so I sat that fateful day waiting to be deceased.

But ah they sent an angel to inject the lethal dose,

She touched my hand to kill me, a shiver through me rose, And as she raised the deadly wand I punched her bloody nose!

What? Did you think I was In love? Oh but I was!

Instead of her I loved myself, how freaking cool that was! I rose and with me rose my heart I did not even pause!

And there I was, I talked and swore.

I shared what I could not before. How unexpected was this cure!

But ah, I ran too fast,

And oh, I talked too quick ,I-choked-myself-upon-my-words-My-heart-gave-up-and-I-went-still.

So I was dead, they tried to kill me,

Instead I came to life.But twisted fate, for it this show itself did not suffice. Instead was written for me that my life will take my life.

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