Unconditional Love

by Huma Zuellah Ahmed

Unchain me
Said my heart to me
Unconditional I am
So let me be
Locking me up
Putting shackles on me
Throwing the keys in the ocean
Doesn’t make me be me
How can you, put barbed wires around
And expect me, to be free
How can you, encage me in yourself
And expect me to see
How can you, contain me in darkness
And think I can illuminate thee

I wish there was a mirror
To translate between us
To pull me from within you
To hold me without you
If you will for once
To let
the gold rays fall upon me
the threads of flowing purity
Sow you and me into we
If you will for once
To let them soak in your eyes
To read them in their depth
In their soul, in their call
What would you hear?
What would they say?

You can see my possessions
My treasures of love
It reaps you some pleasures
It makes you happy
But is there satisfaction?
Is their solace?
Is there the feeling of ultimate grace?
Of feeling the oneness
Of being One
Of the ultimate desire
Of completeness and wholeness
Can chains give freedom?
Can oneness be without it?
If love is not set free
How whole can it be?

If you love me so true
Unchain me, let me go
I am your heart
And I will always be
No fears there should be
Of loss and absence
If you love me unconditionally
Unconditional I shall be
With no chains and ropes
Unconditional love is all
And in all, you will see

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