Unknown Neighborhood

You’re in an unknown neighborhood. You look at the time and start wandering in the streets, looking for a particular kind of building. You’ve never been here before but you know that there must be one here somewhere. You look for other people who may be walking towards the same building. You see some, you follow and you find what you’re looking for. Inside, you look for public toilets, relieve yourself, drink water and wash your hands. You, a stranger, who’s never been here before, and probably will never be back again. You go in without any fear or hesitation. You use all the facilities, knowing that you have every right to be here. You greet total strangers and they greet back. What place could this be but a mosque?
Growing up in a Muslim country we don’t pause to think about what a blessing it is to have this network of the houses of Allah, distinct and easily identifiable, in almost every other street. To be able to use the facilities is such a huge blessing. Even with all the problems related to fights over the mosques, the common Muslim can still go to any mosque, pray and recite quran. May Allah enable us to recognize and use, rather exploit this blessing to get closer and closer to Him and perfect our eeman.

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